Jozef Kozár, PhD

author, research scientist, consultant

Dr. Jozef Kozár

Meet Jozef

Dr. Jozef Kozár is a scientist and writer, studying planets, the Solar System, and robotic space exploration missions. Jozef is the author of seven books, and several hundred articles published in various scientific and popular magazines, a former public speaker, and a documentary movies/TV guest.

Jozef earned his Ph.D. in the field of aerospace from the Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia (EU) in 2016. During his following career, he completed a professional university course in planetary science – the science of the Solar System, at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Pasadena, California (USA) in 2019.

Jozef’s Mars research and the “GNSS for Mars” project became well known especially in 2015 when it attracted many local and worldwide media (EU, USA, Australia). At present, he resides in the Czech Republic (EU) but is active internationally.

Jozef writes and publishes mostly in English [EN], but you can find also articles and publications in Slovak [SK], and Czech [CS] languages.

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Science and Mars Anthology
GNSS v skratke
Informacne systemy v riadeni letovej prevadzky
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Conspiracy Theory

Research & Science

My multidisciplinary research work covers planetary science and space technology (applied planetary science). You can read more about my research work, my published research papers, and articles in magazines and journals in the research section of my website.

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Narrated by Dr. Jozef Kozár

Media / TV / Documentary Movies

You could see me in several media, whether in magazines, newspapers, television, documentaries, or hear me on the radio.

I am currently working on a series of short documentaries about the planets of the solar system. The first short movie from the series is named "On The Edge" and is about Pluto.

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