Science, Research and Publications

My research interest is multi-disciplinary, covering space systems and missions analysis with important focus on a related planetary science. Most of my currect research work is very closely related to book writing. I am currently working on three new books. Of course the publishing dates of these publications depend on time and research. And what is the topic of these publications? Follow the updates on my website or follow me on twitter and you will know it soon!

For a long time I have been an active scientist in academia - some years within my university, then as a research scientist under wings of the Mars Systems Laboratory (my own non-profit lab) and then as an independent scientist. I am member of more international scientific organisations. I am also member of the Commission for the planetary cartography of the International Cartographic Association. My academic scientific work included also various research projects (below). Generaly, my academic science involvement could be divided into two major categories - space technology and the applied planetary science. More in my research papers.

  • SPACE TECHNOLOGY - Analysis and design of robotic planetary exploration systems and missions to planets in the Solar System. My projects were: 1. GNSS FATIMA - Global Navigation Satellite System for Mars (2016, more info here); 2. ALEXA - Analysis of Extreme Locations on Mars (sub-project, 2019, more info here); 3. Mars-Phobos re-transmission station (sub-project, 2015); 4. Analysis of exploration missions to Mars (ongoing). Due to the lack of resources and due to the end of my research group, I had to put my research activities in space technology on hold ...
  • APPLIED PLANETARY SCIENCE - Study of complex planetary conditions and characteristics and their influence on space research systems and technology – related to the space technology projects above, for example - Analysis of ionosphere of Mars, influences of extreme terrain features of Mars on GNSS signal coverage, etc. My planetary science and astronomy work included also project "Mapping of terrain features of the Moon". Part of this research was preparation of various cartographic outputs (see my book Moon Atlas for Visual Observer). In a recent time I study Pluto and some of the moons of the gas giants. More updates about this I will publish soon.

Research Papers

Advanced navigation systems for space probes and surface rovers: Jozef Kozar, Stanislav Durco. In: New Trends in Aviation Development: proceedings of the 10. International Conference: September 13-14, 2012: LF Technical University Kosice, 2012. – ISBN 978-80-553-1083-1. – S. 1-2

Solution of navigation technologies for science systems on Mars: Jozef Kozar, Frantisek Adamcik. In: MOSATT 2013: contribution to proceedings of the International Scientific Conference: September 24-26, 2013: Kosice, Slovakia, 2013. – ISBN 978-80-971432-0-6

Natural influences on satellite navigation and positioning systems on planet Mars: Jozef Kozar. May 26, 2014: Posterus Magazine, Volume 7, Issue 5 – ISSN 1338-0087

Computer simulations in space and planetary exploration systems development: Jozef Kozar. September 15, 2014: Posterus Magazine, Volume 7, Issue 9 – ISSN 1338-0087

Navigation and positioning errors caused by natural conditions on Mars: Jozef Kozar. January 26, 2015: Posterus Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 1 – ISSN 1338-0087

Information systems in air navigation processes: Jozef Kozar. Scholarly Research Paper. February 17, 2015: Munich, GRIN Publishing GmbH – ISBN 978-3-656-89885-6 (printed book), ISBN 978-3-656-89884-9 (eBook)

Theoretical concept of satellite navigation system for Mars – GNSS FATIMA: Jozef Kozar. Abstract of Research Paper. Contribution to International Conference and Exhibition Satellite, Houston, Texas, USA. OMICS International – DOI 10.4172/2168-9792.S1.008, Published in Journal of Aeronautics and Aerospace Engineering, ISSN 2168-9792

Implementation proposal of GNSS FATIMA for planetary exploration on Mars: Jozef Kozar. Research Paper. Contribution to 4th International Scientific Conference of PhD Students and Young Scientists and Researchers, LF TUKE, Kosice, Slovakia, 14-15 May, 2015. Published in Proceedings of the Conference ISBN 978-80-553-2136-3

Cartographic requirements for Mars GNSS FATIMA: Jozef Kozar. Research Paper. Contribution to international scientific conference: Cartography Beyond the Ordinary World – Joint ICA Symposium, Niteroi, Brazil, 21-22 August 2015. Commission on Planetary Cartography of International Cartographic Association. Proceedings: ISBN 978-1-907075-08-7; p. 198

Planetary conditions of Mars and their influence on orbital technologies: Jozef Kozar, Stanislav Durco. Research Paper. International Scientific Conference Aeronautica XV, Lublin, Poland, 16 – 16 October, 2015. Lublin University of Technology and Czech Technical University in Prague (CVUT). ISBN 978-83-7947-149-2

Geometric Dilution of Precision of GNSS for Mars (GNSS FATIMA): Jozef Kozar, Stanislav Durco, Frantisek Adamcik. 2016. DOI 10.3846/16487788.2016.1264714. Aviation, 20 December 2016, ISSN 1648-7788 (print), ISSN 1822-4180 (online), Volume 20, 2016, Issue 4

Experimental analysis of precision of Mars GNSS FATIMA according to ionosphere of Mars: Jozef Kozar. Scholarly Research Paper. January 11, 2016: Munich, GRIN Publishing GmbH – ISBN N/A (printed book), ISBN 978-3-668-25669-9 (eBook)

Operation periods of a Phobos based Mars re-translation station: Jozef Kozar, Phillip J. Burley. 2016. Proceedings of the 5th International Scientific Conference of Ph.D. Students and Young Scientists and Researchers, LF TUKE, Kosice, Slovakia, 12-13 May, 2016. ISBN 978-80-553-2514-9

Complex Magnetoimpedance in Joule-Heated Co71,1Fe3,9Si10B15 Microwires: E. Komova, J. Kozar, P. Klein, D. Varga. July 2017. Acta Physica Polonica Series a 131(4):705-707, Polish Academy of Sciences. DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.131.705. ISSN 1898-795X


Magazine Articles

Story of the first lunar rover: Jozef Kozar. November 10, 2014: Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 11 – ISSN 1339-3049

European gateway to space: Jozef Kozar. December 03, 2014: Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 12 – ISSN 1339-3049

Voyagers on their way through space with the message about a mankind: Jozef Kozar. March 03, 2015: Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 3 – ISSN 1339-3049

Voyagers and their mission: Jozef Kozar. March, 2015: in printed edition of magazine Quark. CVTI SR, Volume 23, Issue 3 – ISSN 1335-4000

Exomars: Jozef Kozar. July, 2015: in printed edition of magazine Quark. CVTI SR, Volume 23, Issue 7 – ISSN 1335-4000

How had Hubble found a star that changed the Universe: Jozef Kozar. August, 2015: Article for web magazine

InSight – mission to Mars: Jozef Kozar. March, 2016: in printed edition of magazine Quark. CVTI SR, Volume 24, Issue 3 – ISSN 1335-4000

Mars 2020 Rover got its final “go” – mission development can carry on: Jozef Kozar. July 18, 2016: Magazine, Volume 5, Issue 7 – ISSN 1339-3049

Before we land on Mars: Jozef Kozar. July 13, 2017: Magazine Science & Mars Journal, Volume 4, Issue 7 – ISSN 2453-8760

Chang’e-5 – Chinese mission to Moon: Jozef Kozar. October, 2017: in printed edition of magazine Quark. CVTI SR, Volume 25, Issue 10 – ISSN 1335-4000

We are going back to Mars: Jozef Kozar. May, 2020: in online edition of newspaper SME, blogs section. Petit Press, 2020/05/21 – ISSN 1335-4418

Mars 2020: Jozef Kozar. June, 2020: in online edition of newspaper SME, blogs section. Petit Press, 2020/06/22 – ISSN 1335-4418

Perseverance and her first sounds from space: Jozef Kozar. November, 2020: in online edition of newspaper SME, blogs section. Petit Press, 2020/11/18 – ISSN 1335-4418

Perseverance landing on Mars: Jozef Kozar. February, 2021: in online edition of newspaper SME, blogs section. Petit Press, 2021/02/12 – ISSN 1335-4418

Mars Reseacrh Digest: Jozef Kozar. October, 2022: in online edition of newspaper SME, blogs section. Petit Press, 2022/10/27 – ISSN 1335-4418

Artemis: NASA returns back to the Moon, next step to Mars: Jozef Kozar. November, 2022: in online edition of newspaper SME, blogs section. Petit Press, 2022/11/22 – ISSN 1335-4418


Technical Writing

I am author of many technical writings, documentation, manuals, user guides that I have created for various systems and scientific processes (corporate and academic sector). I am not publishing here details as these were protected by various copyrights.

Also I am author of graphics, cover and whole content of the scientific magazine "Science & Mars Journal" with ISSN 2453-8760. I was an editor-in-chief and founder of this magazine. This monthly journal was published between years 2013 - 2017.


Study materials for university students

During my research work at the university I created many technical manuals and education materials for students. For example I created these posters for a scientific fair at the university.

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